Tuesday, August 27, 2013

'I do'....'Me too' - Sarah & Colin's Simply Lovely Wedding

Sarah + Colin
Waterman's Beach

South Thomaston, ME
August 24, 2013

It is very hard for me to put into words just how special this wedding was. Sarah is one of my dearest friends in the whole world.  She is lovely, kind, thoughtful and all around sweet.  When she met Colin, I knew immediately that he was just as special. They were so natural together, their interactions so easy, that everyone lucky enough to be around them could just tell it was true love.

What made this wedding even more special for me, was that Sarah and Colin introduced me to my main squeeze, Tyler.  You see, Tyler and Colin were roommates, rowing teammates and best friends all through college. Isn't that a fantasy, a relationship with built in besties!?  And now Tyler and I were both a part of this wedding, together! Oh,  well, I just love love ...and friendship and family. So this one was really precious. Anyhow, I digress...back to the details.

When Sarah called to tell me that Colin proposed, and that she wanted to have the wedding 8 months later, I was ecstatic.  You see, part of the reason Sarah and I became such fast friends is that we both LOVE to craft, cook, grow, design and hand-make special treats of any kind.  And each time we plan a project, we have an eerily similar vision...not to mention we usually show up wearing the same outfit! We immediately started scrutinizing over Pinterest, wedding style blogs and magazines. It was an honor to help her as she created the event and offer my experienced advice along the way.

After fleshing out exactly what she envisioned, she and Colin settled on maps as a theme.  You see, both of them have deep roots in their home states (Maine and California)...they both love and  value the places they were raised. So maps were very fitting. 

 The wedding invitation (a giant fold out map of the US with hearts on San Diego and Owl's Head) was guests' first glimpse of the map theme.  Hand made paper map luminaries, map heart garlands, and map stamps were tediously designed for the reception, over many months.  By the end, Sarah was calling her dining room "the wedding sweatshop",  just to give you an idea of the time spent slaving over these decorations.

For the dining area, guests were seated in long feast style tables, each one carefully named for bodies of water that were important in the couple's lives. White linens were topped with craft paper and dotted with varying sized map luminaries.  Interspersed between them were a collection of gorgeous vintage vases, bottles, mason jars and other vessels that Sarah and her mom, Joyce, had been collecting.  The flowers were simple green and white locally grown blossoms arranged organically by friends and family helpers. 

Over the buffet table an ocean weathered tree branch was hung and adorned with glass globes lit with votives.  Antique wood box crates, vintage table linens and owl figures were sprinkled about for a cozy feeling.  For the dessert table and bar, we accessorized with  hand-stitched and stenciled linen buntings that Sonal and I made the week before over a beer (rough life, I know).  Bales of hay covered with blue and green quilts were strewn around the dance floor for lounging. Gifts were placed in Sarah's childhood row-boat, the Sarah~Kent. 

During the cocktail hour, guests lingered in the outdoor "room" Sarah and her parents created with wine barrel tables, a dinghy full of beer, and delightful basil vodka lemonade sipped through adorable paper straws.  Highlights of this cocktail hour had to be the abundant cheese and fruit spread (Ohmigod, the fresh figs!!!!) and some pretty generous lobster roll sliders (yum)!

The piece de resistance of the evening was most definitely the "Bugster"....Sarah's father's antique yellow VW bug (Dave restored it himself), that drove Sarah right onto the lawn for her grand entrance down the aisle.  After the ceremony, two giant balloons were placed in the backseat...and the best picture ever was born! (sorry, tooting my own horn right now)

THE GREATEST PICTURE I'VE EVER TAKEN....The kiss, the vintage car, the natural setting,
the whimsy of those BALLOONS, the sun...perfection!

The rest of the night was filled with loving toasts from friends and siblings, a musical performance by Colin's dad and his brothers, a first dance that ended with all guests serenading Sarah and Colin, and one heck of a dance party!! The event was simple, easy, relaxed and filled with SO MUCH LOVE! It was nothing short of awesome.

Maine and California touches were present
throughout the day
Clever hand made signs from Sarah's dad

Love inspired quotes spread throughout the reception
were a sweet touch
The simple and stunning cake atop a crystal pedestal with teeny
paper buntings and beautiful shell topper  (darn tasty too!)

Colin's brother, Galen, toasting the happy couple.

"I DO"..."ME 2" - I liked the adorable little saying on the favor boxes so much
I decided to carry it through to Gold+Bee's buntings

A sweet touch from the bride: cupcake toppers saved from
her bachelorette party was placed on the sweets table...oh and hand made donuts!

Sarah's mom handmade ALL of these heart shaped garlands from maps of
California and Maine...incredible!

The sweets table included a bunting, nautical lanterns, antique box crates
and old family photos paying respect to grand parents.

Another simple touch with big impact from Sarah's mom...white flags
modeled after the flags atop the sail tent. Genius!

View of the sail tent from the road...overlooking Waterman's beach in
South Thomaston, ME

The head table for the bride and grooms friends and siblings. Named for
Lake Washington, where Colin used to row in college.

Sweet fingerprint guest book

Guests surprised the bride and groom by singing the last verse
of their wedding song to them as they had the first dance

Stay young, Go dancing!
Love on and create!
Photo credits:Justine Johnson Photography (the really good ones) + Bee's iPhone (the not so good ones)


Friday, December 14, 2012

The Gold + Bee Craft Party

For those cold dreary winter months why not call a group of friends together and craft near a warm fire.  Let creativity go wild  as your guests enjoy creating beautiful art with champagne in hand and appetizers to graze on?  Gold + Bee will create a splendid event for you.  Please contact us for details about craft options, food, and pricing.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

DIY Holiday Gifts

This year I made the decision to make holiday gifts for all the special people on my list.  The beauty of this is that I don't have to spend hours in a crazy mall, spending too much money on mass produced stuff that nobody needs, and instead I get to stay home (with a glass of wine) making one of a kind gifts while exercising my creative muscles.  Hooray for projects!

This weekend I started off with some feather charms and leather cord that I had stashed away in my jewelry drawer, but needed something special to make it pop.  Suddenly, I came across this angel wing keychain my mom gave me before leaving for her winter trip south.  Ta-daaaaa, an earthy necklace with special meaning was born!  So I decided that something like this would be amazing for some of my girlfriends, and went onto etsy to scour the shops for some unique pieces that reminded me of each one of my besties!
Another great idea I had was to flex my culinary skills, and make some cutesy gift totes filled with my homemade jam and southern corn muffins.  Magically, on Saturday morning, my wonderfully talented friend, Sarah, invited me over for a day of canning and holiday cheer. I was thrilled!  Yesterday after shopping for ingredients, we spent the day canning in the kitchen. We sang along to Mumford&Sons, sipped local beers and made a scrumptious dinner as well.  So MUCH BETTER than the mall.  

The final result....9 pints of "Mae-Bee's Very Berry Jam" (aka, strawberry-raspberry-blueberry jam) and a dozen half pints of Sarah's scrumptious Lemon Curd.  I absolutely cannot wait to get some sweet fabric and ribbons and tags to personalize them. Stay tuned for the finished packages!
Miss Mae, decked out in her favorite apron while reading us some new
recipes from the holiday issue of Martha Stewart Living.

Cheers and Happy Gifting!
xoxo, Gold+Bee

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A good gift is hard to find

what is it about finding the perfect gift for someone?  occasionally i nail it... usually without much effort and more about luck...but sometimes I obsess about it.. waste a ton of time "looking" and then end up with something that I could've spent 10 minutes looking in Anthro for... why do we try so hard?

i think it's spectacular when we give a gift that a loved one with open, squeal, and cherish.... at least this is the reaction I strive for... but why does it not happen when we try so hard?

ok... so my conclusion is...i think people really value the heartfelt touches... the handmade card... the photos from a recent activity together... the cute personalized packaging... the homemade cookies in a cute mason jar adorned with bright ribbon... this is what makes a gift special... it is the heart that you put into it.  as simple as that!

For those recipients who value the monetary value... my 2 cents is (ha)... no matter how hard you try... it will never be enough so cut your losses and move on.

oh, and if anyone reading this would like to get me a gift that will make me squeal... look no further...


Monday, November 26, 2012

Cyber Monday Buzz

Happy Cyber Monday y'all!
Now that you've feasted on the turkey and busted down the doors of department stores at 4 am, it is definitely time to start thinking about your big holiday party! Holiday celebrations don't have to be stressful though, especially with Gold+Bee.

 Whether you're planning  a gingerbread decorating and holiday sing-a-long for the kids, or a Yankee-Swap Cocktail Party for grown--ups, Gold+Bee has you covered, and all with 30% off!

The details: Email Gold+Bee (gold.and.bee@gmail.com) between today and Friday, November 30th and receive 30% off your holiday event*. Percentage off will be based on full priced event quote. Holiday event must take place between December 10th, 2012 and January 31st, 2013.

Cheers & Happy Holiday Planning!


Monday, November 19, 2012

Vintage Game Night!

Last Friday evening Bee hosted some great friends for a vintage style fall game night in her home. Inspired by the whimsy and cozy feel of the invitation above (really, it's a scarf wearing quail for goodness sake!) we went with a 1950's hunting lodge look for the decor and refreshments.

The color scheme included hunter greeen, burlap, gold, and cozy plaid mixed with  woodland animals (deer, wintry birds, etc). The menu was a modern twist on classic mid-century comfort foods ( ruffled potato chips with homemade french onion dip, mini meatloaves, mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts) and an autumnal Sailor Jerry rum punch. 

Bee hit the jackpot at Target when she stumbled upon some fabulous Patch NYC pieces on clearance. 3 items, each under $12 and a few favorite holiday scented candles, Sparkling Angel.

 With added oversized floor and throw pillows and a wooly granny blanket that were found tucked away in storage, the space was transformed.

 The goal was to play a few different games, but we had so much fun playing Taboo that we never made it to the others. It was a fantastic evening with the best of friends. We hope this inspires you to plan a playful party just for the fun of it!

Cheers and happy partying,

Sailor Jerry + Fresh Apple Cider = Surprisingly easy and delicious

Hoot Hoot

Gold's vintage deer worked so perfectly on Bee's snack table

Mini meatloafs, playfully dubbed "Meat Muffins", were the hit and euphamism of the night
(note this awesome patterned burlap and our new stag pedestal dish)

Our cute little acorn card holders

Mae, the party animal, totally passed out on the plaid floor pillows